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1. Virus FAQ

Thousands of new viruses, trojans, and worms are created every day. Sometimes, even the best anti-virus software in the world can't protect your computer from being infected. Here are some of the most common ways this can happen.

  • Clicking on an intriguing pop-up ad which contains a trojan
  • Opening a malicious email attachment
  • Downloading a virus from a file-sharing program such as LimeWire
  • Your PremiumAV software was not updated with the latest virus definitions
  • Your system was infected with malware before PremiumAV Antivirus was installed

Once you have a virus on your computer, it may attack PremiumAV Software and prevent it from working properly; in these cases, the virus must be removed manually. PremiumAV offers free,24by7 support service where we take care of removing threats for you. If you feel comfortable editing your Windows System Registry, booting into Safe Mode, or modifying other system files, you may be able to remove threats yourself. If you'd rather let one of our expert technicians do all the work for you;
try our Technical support contact: +91 93 111 22789

With thousands of threats being generated every day, many of which are unique, one-of-a-kind threats that are served up to uniquely infect your particular system, it is possible that you have come into contact with a threat PremiumAV does not yet recognize. In addition, some malware is designed specifically to disable PremiumAV's antivirus software. Trojans and worms can be very difficult to fix because they contain no clean code which PremiumAV can't repair automatically; instead, they have to be manually removed.

PremiumAV handles several thousand new threat alerts every month and updates its software as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Since every software vendor processes threats on its own schedule, occasionally another anti-virus product can detect a threat before PremiumAV can. Likewise, PremiumAV's software often recognizes threats ahead of other products.

2. Antivirus FAQ

PremiumAV antivirus programs is extremely low maintenance option, requiring very little interaction from you in order to continue working effectively.

Assuming you’ve set it up correctly, the only tasks you should engage in on a regular basis are:

  • Checking the status of the antivirus program daily – PremiumAV offers red-color scheme to alert you to any issues. If the program says System is Secured then all is good. Otherwise, if it says System Is At Risk delve deeper to learn what the problem is and then rectify it.
  • Manually run an in-depth scan on a regular basis, maybe once a week, or use the functionality of the antivirus program itself to schedule a detailed scan, perhaps at a time when you are away from the machine.
  • Checking that the program is fully up to date. This should happen automatically but we would advise confirming that all updates have been downloaded and installed from time to time.

It is also worth leaving a note somewhere prominent to remind you when your subscription runs out so that you never find yourself in the position of not having a valid license.

For the most part, antivirus programs rely on databases of virus signatures to identify malicious code on your computer. Even though these are now largely stored in the cloud rather than on your hard drive, they are still vendor specific for the most part. Thus, one company may have identified a threat that another has missed. The chances of a reputable company not having a signature for a new piece of malware for any length of time is slim but it does happen in the short-term.

Absolutely, yes.
Although there are always exceptions to the rules, two antivirus programs should typically never meet up on the same system – they don’t play nicely together and may even detect each other’s database of virus signatures as a threat.

The answer, therefore, is to always delete one antivirus program before installing another.
It’s just good practice.

3. PremiumAV FAQ
  1. Insert the PremiumAV Antivirus disk in the CD/DVD ROM. Autorun menu will appear. Click on " Install PremiumAV Antivirus".
  2. In case the Autorun menu does not appear, Open My Computer > CD Drive (Right Click) > Explore.Run the setup file(SETUP.EXE).
  3. After the installation is initialized and memory scan is completed, click on Next to continue installation.
  4. Read the PremiumAV Antivirus License Agreement and click on the checkbox next to " I accept the agreement " if you agree to the terms and conditions. Click on Install to install PremiumAV Antivirus on your system.
  5. After Installation is complete, the software will download the latest updates from the server to protect you against the newest threats.
  6. Click on Register Now to register your new product
  1. Scratch lightly to obttain your product key present on the outer side of this booklet.
  2. Enter your product key in the space provided on the window. Enter your details in the space provided. After you finish, click on Next.
  3. Kindly mention the Shop/Retailer Name and the contact number of the Shop/Retailer from where you have purchased your product. (If you do not know the name or any details, please mention "PremiumAV" in Dealer Name field and "9311122789" in the Mobile number field. You may leave the optional field blank) Click on Next.
  4. Choose your preferred mode of Activation
    1. Online Activation(Requires Internet Connection.)
    2. Offline Activation(Does Not Require Internet Connection.)
    Enter the activation key in the space provided below and click on Register.
  5. On successful registration, " Registration completed sucessfully " message will appear on your screen along with the Registered user name and the valid up to date.
  1. Scratch lightly to obtain your product key prsent on the outer side of the booklet.
  2. Open PremiumAV Antivirus > About Us > Renew.
  3. Enter the new product key and click on Renew.
  4. Enjoy your new powerful PremiumAV Antivirus.